A visual guide to Identity and Access Management for Government services

We've just published a visual guide to identity management in Government, having previously used it in the DWP, NHS, and the MoD. to upskill both internal staff and civil servants in the complexities of identity management.

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Just because identity management is complex doesn't mean it has to be difficult.

Having worked on numerous identity services across Government, we realise the value of having your whole team - from business analysts to designers and user researchers - understand the of identity and access management in building operable, user-centred government identity services. To this end, coinciding with our talk about a user-centred approach to digital identity at Think Digital Identity for Government, we've just publicly published a guide we've been using internally to up-skill teams in government identity management standards across a range of departments, from the NHS and DWP to MoD.

Given that making things open does indeed make things better, we hope this documentation is of value to other consultancies and civil servants working on identity services across government and are keen to hear views on what we can do to keep making this better!

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Design Consultancy Hippo Digital acquires Converging Data

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of data analytics company Converging Data. This is a significant development in the growth of our company following expansion into London, the Midlands and Southwest during 2019 and seeks to build on our success in delivery across public and private sector clients.

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of Converging Data, a specialist data-analytics provider. “We’ve known the Converging Data team for some time and have been really impressed with their capabilities. It absolutely makes sense that we add real-time data analytics to our existing research, design and agile-delivery proposition” said Liz Whitefield, Business Development Director at Hippo Digital.

Our inclusive, pragmatic and rigorous approach has helped organisations, including the NHS, Department for Education and Department for Work and Pensions to incorporate digital services into their day to day operations. The acquisition of Converging Data brings us additional clients as well as expertise in Analytics, IoT and Cyber Security.

Image of Hippo and Converging Data directors
Hippo Digital and Converging Data Directors after signing the deal

Robert Coop, founder at Hippo Digital, adds: “The acquisition of Converging Data represents an exciting time for both companies. It has always been our intention to bring robust data-driven decision-making to our evidence-based delivery approach. This means our clients will have the confidence that design decisions are centred on adding value and delivery is focused on what matters most to users.”

Neil Murphy at Converging, notes: “I am really excited by the opportunity for the team at Converging Data to join Hippo Digital. Our ability to deliver data analytics, and help clients to get real insight into their business operations, is going to be a great fit with Hippo Digital’s approach to service delivery. It will provide a great offer for existing and new clients.”

About Hippo Digital

Hippo Digital, founded in 2016, are a leading service design and delivery consultancy for public and private sector clients involved in large-scale digital transformations.

With an emphasis on users, Hippo Digital deliver people-centred design services to meet the business objectives of clients, including NHS Digital, Department for Education, Department for Work and Pensions, Government Digital Service and Co-op Digital.

Established in Leeds, Hippo Digital operate nationally and opened their second base in Coventry in Summer 2019.

In the last 3 years Hippo Digital’s success has seen it expand to a team of over 80 consultants, providing digital leadership, service and user centred design skills and agile delivery expertise.

About Converging Data

Converging Data was founded in 2014 and provides data analytics and cyber security capability for clients, including NHS Digital, WIlliam Hill, Barclays and Vodafone. Their technical experts take the disparate, untapped data from your business and turn it in to powerful business solutions. Providing valuable, actionable insights and real-time information for effective and accelerated decision making.

This capability is used to improve cyber security through machine learning, and lay the groundwork for AI.

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